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Our Story

TractorShare began from an idea, motivated by a meeting our founder had with two African Ambassadors during January, 2005. The ambassadors shared their frustration that their hard-working people lacked the tools to improve their conditions – they were stuck as subsistence farmers, never able to improve their agricultural productivity without the proper tools and technical support. At one point, one Ambassador, referring to the second inaugural address of President Bush that had occurred just days earlier, raised his voice and said “Freedom…Freedom, all we hear is freedom! We have our freedom! We need jobs and economic development!”

The ambassador’s words stuck. After conducting research and meeting with international relations experts, government officials, academics, and agricultural experts, it became apparent that there was a critical need for farm equipment and technical expertise in developing countries.

Our focus is on partnering with agricultural communities via established farming cooperatives, local government /tribal officials, or both - in order to define the emerging and long-term agricultural and development needs that can be addressed, then providing the tools that can empower farmers and the community to build a foundation for economic improvement, stability, and security, one community at a time, one farm at a time.

TractorShare has three ongoing projects.

In Haiti, we have provided a tractor and farm implements to support farming operations in the northern part of the country. After the devastating earthquake, food production is more important than ever, as the numbers of displaced persons in need of food remains very high.

As our second project, we responded to the devastating earthquake and provided an industrial tractor to the Haitian Volunteer Firefighters Association.

Now, we have expanded operations into the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico with our third project, supporting the farmers and families of the Apatun Farming Cooperative. With your help, we are just getting started!